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Authorized Legal Representative

Help the ones you love reach their dreams

Bound by law and love

An Authorized Legal Representative (ALR) can open an ABLE account for an eligible beneficiary. An ALR is anyone who is selected by the eligible beneficiary with legal capacity, anyone who has Power of Attorney, a conservator or legal guardian, a spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent, or a representative payee (individual or organization), in that order of priority.

Opening a STABLE account for a child, or someone you care for, empowers them to become more financially independent, more confident, and more secure about their future.

STABLE accounts were created as an empowerment tool for people to save, invest, and live with greater independence. It’s for the things they require today and the things they may need or want in the future. Whether it’s a home of their own, additional care, training for a first job, or retirement, a STABLE account can help support their goals.

Are you an ALR?

An Authorized Legal Representative is legally authorized under state and federal law to make decisions for the beneficiary. You’re an ALR if:

  • You have been selected by the eligible STABLE Account beneficiary with legal capacity to act as ALR; or

  • If the eligible STABLE Account beneficiary is unable to establish his or her own account:

    • You have Power of Attorney, or

    • You are the Legal Guardian or Conservator for the beneficiary; or

    • You are the beneficiary’s spouse; or

    • You are the beneficiary’s parent; or

    • You are the beneficiary’s sibling; or

    • You are the beneficiary’s grandparent; or

    • You are a representative payee (individual or organization) appointed by the Social Security Administration; and

    • The above list is in order of priority; you must be able to certify that there is no other willing and able person with a higher priority than you in the above list.

If you do not have Power of Attorney for a beneficiary, you can use this form. For limited Power of Attorney, find more information here.